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Energis Mycotonis – Energis Solutions

Mycotoxin Reduction

Reducing food supply waste, by keeping grains safe.

Less Waste, More Grains

Harmful mycotoxins in grains such as corn and wheat have plagued the agricultural industry for decades, resulting in major losses of grains in the food supply. Energis Solutions Technology is the solution to this monumental challenge.

Testing with trusted 3rd party partners have shown an over 90% molecular breakdown in harmful mycotoxins such as Aflatoxin, Fumonisin, and Deoxynivalenol in grains when treated with the Energis Solution.

The Need For Speed

Energis Solution is effective in only minutes at reducing mycotoxins, making it an efficient means of treatment. Quick treatment times make Energis Solutions ideal for grain and milling processing.

Treatment times are fast enough that the solutions can be adapted to almost all grain processing systems which could increase the usable grains supply by up to 25%.

Full USDA Approval for Volati™ is anticipated 3rd Quarter of 2023.

“A validated study showed Guardian, a pathogen reduction technology from Energis Solutions, Denver, performed at a 225% higher kill rate than acid-based solutions during the wheat tempering process. The Guardian technology did not leave chemical residuals or alter the functionality of wheat and flour (”