Pathogen Reduction in Wheat Temper for Flour Milling.

The Guardian™ System

Energis Solutions is a privately held company that has revolutionized food safety for commercial food processing with safer, more environmentally friendly, more effective decontamination solutions. Energis owns patents and patent-pending technology that kills stubborn pathogens such as E-Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella. The technology is used to create solutions that are tailored to specific industry challenges.

Over the last 4 years the company has validated technology via 3rd party testing at Universities and FDA/EPA approved labs.


Don’t take our word for it, let the results speak for themselves. The data provided from validated 3rd party testing. The reduction is achieved in the flour milling wheat tempering process utilizing the Guardian™ System.



on E-Coli



on salmonella

Ease of Integration

The Guardian™ System by Energis Solutions has been designed by millers for millers. The breakthrough technology integrates easily into your company’s current wheat temper system. Our team of engineers make installation a breeze. A reverse osmosis water system is connected to your current water line and the water is run through our machine and into your temper system generating the pathogen killing fluid that will replace your current wheat temper treatment water.

With a small footprint and easy-to-use controls there is no advanced training needed to run the machine. The digitally integrated touch screen monitors the Guardian™ System’s performance, automating the process, requiring no extra staffing.

Food Pathogen Reduction

A customizable solution formulated to eliminate a wide spectrum of food-borne pathogens and mycotoxins.


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“A validated study showed Guardian, a pathogen reduction technology from Energis Solutions, Denver, performed at a 225% higher kill rate than acid-based solutions during the wheat tempering process. The Guardian technology did not leave chemical residuals or alter the functionality of wheat and flour (www.bakingbusiness.com).”