Innovative Technology

Pathogen Eradicating Technology.

How Does Energis Technology Work?

Energis™ has developed proprietary processes and machines to create an “energized” water-based chlorine dioxide solution that reduces micro-bacteria and viruses in food and on surfaces.

Energis™ transcends the shortcomings of traditional chlorine dioxide solutions due to its unique formulation and manufacturing processes. The formula’s active ingredient is stabilized chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in a highly energized, water-based fluid that is subject to a series of patents and patents pending.

Under The Microscope

Energis fights pathogens at the microscopic level. Looking into a highly magnified microscope shows the difference between traditional pathogen fighting methods and Energis.

Traditional pathogen fighting solutions dissolve the cellular wall of the pathogen, but does not eliminate it

This process enables the microbes to build resistance and mutate

Energis ruptures the cellular wall of a pathogen, destroying the organism from the inside.

This prevents the pathogen from building immunity or mutating.

Partner With Us

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“A validated study showed Guardian, a pathogen reduction technology from Energis Solutions, Denver, performed at a 225% higher kill rate than acid-based solutions during the wheat tempering process. The Guardian technology did not leave chemical residuals or alter the functionality of wheat and flour (www.bakingbusiness.com).”