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Solutions – Energis Solutions


FDA & EPA approved pathogen eradicating technology.

Safe on Food Ingredients and Equipment

Energis™ solution meets FDA guidelines for use on food. It has the EPA's lowest toxicity rating, Category IV, and is made from ingredients compliant with the EPA's Designed for the Environment certification. Making it a safe and GREEN solution for reducing microbes in food ingredients.

Energis™ has been designed and manufactured for excellent material compatibility characteristics to protect expensive equipment. Energis™ has been shown to be less corrosive than tap water, which is key to protecting sensitive equipment. The non-toxic, non-corrosive formulation makes Energis™ ideal for use in food ingredient manufacturing.

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Energis Solutions is a Part of PHM Brands

PHM Brands develops innovative products and technologies for the food and wellness industries.
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“A validated study showed Guardian, a pathogen reduction technology from Energis Solutions, Denver, performed at a 225% higher kill rate than acid-based solutions during the wheat tempering process. The Guardian technology did not leave chemical residuals or alter the functionality of wheat and flour (”